Combination haircut Vertical Bob
Haircut Course
In this lesson, we will cover the following questions:
• what data is needed to determine the zones?
• at what angle to measure the sections?
• how to create tension in the hair?
• what affects the balance of the haircut?
• determining the control strand;
• ways to hold the comb;
• directions of the master's brush;
• client's head positions;
• master's body positions;
• hair personalization "dry cut";
• two types of Bob styling;
• styling according to the natural growth of the hair;
• styling with a flat iron.

Watch the lesson teaser to learn more:
Course duration: 1 hour 19 minutes.

Tools used: aluminum clips, a diffuser nozzle hairdryer, 5.5 cm blade size scissors, combs with sparse and dense teeth.

The lesson is presented by beauty expert, precision cutting master Natalia Stashko.